Thursday, June 5, 2014

WEEK 2, PEEPS. (Sorry.. Slang. Oops)

Hello my wonderful family!!

This week has been just as fast and eventful as last week. Here are some quick highlights:

-Sister Long accidentally dropped her flashlight down the hollow bedpost right as we were turning out the light at 10:29 (yeah, we're that good). And it was on, shining a very large circle of light on the ceiling. Sister Weiderholt tried to fashion a lasso out of floss - which didn't work. We ended up having to take her bunk, remove the mattress, and flip it over to get the flashlight out. It was probably one of the funniest things I have ever experienced. Especially that Sister Weiderholt was sooo set on her floss lasso. But we got it out. 

-We played kickball as a zone this week during one of our gym times.. I forget which day it was. And I may or may not have accidentally taken out Elder Nevans. He actually ran into me but somehow I was the one left standing... Oops. But everyone was alright, so it's all good. 

-Also we were trying to find the little gym in the basement of the bookstore building and we had been down there once before. I lost the outside battle that day. We confidently walked into the elevator, and pushed the button to the basement. However, when the door opened on the other side, instead of the gym, there was a deep, dark abyss. Apparently we took the wrong elevator. We got a good laugh out of that one though.

As for spiritual highlights, this week has been incredible. On Sunday we had our mission conference, which was terrific. The MTC Presidency and their wives spoke, and it was so incredible. They're such awesome people. Sister Nally's talk was probably my favorite though. She had this beautiful analogy with mountains and perspective that's really helped me out this week (plus any talk that mentions mountains is obviously going to be a favorite of mine). Perspective is something that I've definitely been working on this week though. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself - especially when we're doing role plays with our teachers as investigators and I can understand their questions and comments, and I know what I want to say but I can't say it yet. BUT. I'm learning to be patient with myself and realizing that if I'm working as hard as I can, that's enough. No stress, as dad would say. 

That being said though, we are still learning so much (language-wise and spiritually) and I'm amazed with how much of the language we already know. Along with that, it's amazing to see the miracles (yes, I do consider a miracle when I can suddenly remember a word I haven't been able to remember all day) that happen as we try our best to focus on the investigator we're teaching. 

We had some awesome devotionals this week as well - especially when we got to hear from Elder and Sister Schwitzer. He was the Area President over the Europe East Area and the mission president of one of the Russia missions, I believe. It's kind of cool that we've been getting to hear from so many people who have experience in that area of the world. I learned so much from them though. It's crazy how much the Spirit can teach you when you're willing to be taught. And their stories made me so excited to go to Armenia and meet all of the Armenians! Even if they were just talking about Russians. and as if I'm not already excited enough...Did I mention I'm SO excited?

ummm... oh! We had our first interviews with our instructors this week and that was awesome. We have still yet to meet our last instructor, Sister Boyle, but we should in the next little while though.

I'm doing super well, and just as excited to be here as I was last week. We met a sister from Armenia this week - she's going to the Oakland/San Francisco mission (do the Longsons live in that mission?)! She's in that picture I sent of our district in our classroom. Her name is Sister Tadevosyan, and she is terrific. Haha I know it's probably not the best thing to love people just because they're Armenian (and I love her for other reasons too), but she is just so great. Speaking of Armenians, we get to see Zorab again at TRC tonight - and he's bringing his wife and adorable little girl. That'll be so great. this is our first TRC, so it's going to be an adventure! 

Mom and Dad, thanks so much for teaching me to be a hard worker and not give up when things get hard. And also just for all the love you've always shown me. As I've gotten to know the stories of some of the people I'm serving with, I'm realizing more and more how lucky I am. You're the best! Be safe in China, dad! And have fun!

Bennett - my favorite 17 year old. I'm SO proud of you for answering that lady's questions. Working up at UVU was a great missionary experience for me as well. Oh - also there's this talk by Elder Bednar called Becoming a Missionary. It's on Read it, it's SO good. And keep sharing the gospel, and pray about what to do. Pray for her, even You're so awesome. Also I want pictures of the wisdom teeth aftermath! Sorry it wasn't very fun.

Claire- thanks for being so sweet. I'll try to let you know what my companions like. You're the best. I love you!

Catherine - Your note gave me a great laugh - it was exactly what I needed. And I loooved the reindeer cow.

Noah - Thank you so much for the letter you sent on DearElder, I hope everything is going great for you! I love you!

You are all so amazing. I love you!!


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