Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Birthday (week) Miracles! (and when dd everyone get so big??)

We've had a miraculous week in the area of investigators this week! Last Sunday, a former investigator of ours showed up at church and wanted to meet with us again. Sister Thueson and I were teaching her and her daughter the beginning of last transfer. We met with her on Tuesday and she told us that she had decided "that she wanted to live a life of faith." I remember when I saw her at church on Sunday, there had just been a change in her countenacne, that she seemed more burdened and weighed down than she had when we had previously taught her. As we taught that lesson with her on Tuesday, the opposite change in her countenance was visible. She was visibly less burdened as she talked about her desires to follow the Savior. We talked about how much God loves her and knows her and her circumstances, and testified of how much her Redeemer loves her and has His arms reached out toward her. She accepted a baptismal date that same meeting! For me, her being ready to take that step to be baptized is an answer to so many prayers. Christ's grace and power is real. 

This week we've really seen the fulfillment of the promise that the Lord will lead us to those who are ready, or he'll lead them to us. One of our members brought her sister to church last Sunday, and after church we met with her briefly and talked a little bit about the Restoration, the Book of Mormon, and how she could receive an answer for herself. She's only able to meet Sundays, so we didn't meet with her again until this next Sunday. After church, we had a lesson with her in which she told us that as she was reading the Book of Mormon and the Liahona, it just seemed right to her. In her words, as she read her thoughts were "right, that is how it is." She expressed that she felt good when she came to our church and wanted to join. We were a bit blown away with her preparedness, but I think we just didn't realize until that point just how much the Lord does really prepare people to accept His gospel. (Random borthday conincidence - the baptismal date that we extended to her happened to be the day before her birthday, so she'll be recieving thegreatest gift she can for her birthday this year - the gift of the Holy Ghost!)

I can't tell you all just how thankful I am to be here in Armenia. I was reflecting on some of the miracles we've seen this past week and past transfer and I have just realized how much the faith and desire of the Armenian people to follow Christ really has prepared them for the gospel. Especially with the experience above, Armenians are really gifted at paying attention to how they feel - and for that reason are really, really good at recognizing the spirit and accepting truth. I konw that this is the Lord's work and us missionaries here in Armenia (and all around the world - but especially in Armenia) are so blessed to be here. Thanksgiving this year was the best one I've had - there's nothing more rewarding - or more worth being thankful for -  than being in the service of our all-knowing, all-powerful God who knows each and every one of His children individually.

Thank you so much for all the pictures! I can't believe everyone is so big! I hope you all beat the turkey in the turkey trot this year! I promise I'll be better at sending pictures (the problem seems to be actually taking them... so we'll get better at that as well.)  
I love you all and I hope you have the best start to this monrth of Christmas!

...One funny thing from this week: 
Last night I'm on the phone..

less active woman from our branch: "Which sister am I speaking with?"

"This is Sister Kieffer."

"Wait, which one are you?"

"We saw you today at church, I was sitting on your row, I have (..I couldn't remember the word for blonde or  light-colored) ... uh... white hair." 

"What? How old are you??"

"Sorry, sorry, I don't have white hair, I couldn't remember the w--"

"no worries - you will dye it! see you this week, bye!"

*hangs up phone*

Also.. our new apartment has all wood floor, and it's been giving Sister Bekmezian some good laughs to watch me fall at least once or twice a day.. I just get in a hurry to do all the things and socks are slippery.. 

Love you!

Sister Kieffer

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