Tuesday, November 11, 2014

9/14/14 - 9/21/14 aka, the best week ever

I don't even really know where to begin with this week, so I'll just start and hope it make sense. It'll probably be a little out of order, but hopefully it's understandable. 

Alrighty, so we had our mission missionary until Wednesday, which was really fun and she's the cutest - it was so awesome to see her get excited to be a missionary, and she was just fun to have with us too - it also made me realize how thankful I am for how happy we are as missionaries, and even espeically in our companionship - Sister Thueson and I are a good little team. 

On Wedensday, all of the sister missionaries serving in the Armenia region of our mission (haha all 16 of us), met at the mission office and split. I went to Charentsavan with Sister Barid, and it was really great there too. Nothing against other missions or anyting, but we have the best missionaores here. It was great to get to meet with some of their investigators and new members, and see just how much they mean to Sister Baird - I'm really thankful for that connection that we share with those we teach, and I know that it's a gift from a loving Heavenly Father, and a testament of the truthfulness of this work. Also Charensavan is up in the mountains, and I sure loved that. Armenian is just the best.

Other things this week:

The Elders baptized part of a family this week that actually dropped them last transfer, and things ended up working out later and it was just the best baptism. We took two of our investigators with us - a member of the family that we started teaching last week, and the girl we met on the street who randomly happened to be at the internet cafe that one time. Dang sometimes I wish I could just tell you names so it was more clear. Anyway, we go, and this girl (who is just the best) ends up knowing the girl who is getting baptized - they met at some camp thnig they both went to. It was so sweet to see the girl getting baptized come and talk to her before the baptism, and to see her show her the font and tell her what was going to happen, etc. There's a set of  little films that we play while the baptizees are changing, and I looked over at our investigator while we were watching them, and she was crying. It was so awesome to see the spirit working with her. We met with her last night too, and talked with her about the baptism and it was just so good. She also says the best prayers - she's just so sincere. I wish I could really expalin it, but I just love her. 

We were in a taxi coming back from the baptism with both of the investigatos that we took - I was sitting it the back with them, and Sister Thueson was sitting up front. We were just chatting iwth the taxi man, and when things came around to talking about the gospel, it was so cute to see the other investigator that we took start answering him in almost the exact words that we had taught with. We invited him to come to church the next day, and didn't think much else of it though. The next morning while walking to church we get a phone call from that investigator that he's not gonig to be able to make it to church because he's sick, but he was wondering the address of the church because he had talked to the taxi driver the rest of the way home (we got out at the church) and had gotten his number and the taxi man wanted to come to church. seriously, our investigators are just the best and already such great missionaries. 

There's so much more to say about this week, but this is already really long. I'll just share one more thing I've been thinking about this week. The group from our branch that went to temple came back this week, and talked about their experience in sacrament meeting. They went for  a week, and literally for a week straight did temple work all day. They loved it, and they felt the urgency of it too - our Relief Society president went for her fist time, and when she bore her tesimony of the importance of temple work, the spirit was so strong. Her testimony also really influenced our investigators who were there at sacrament meeting, and when we met with one of them after chuch, it was crazy to see the difference in her motivations to do all that she could to prepare for baptism so that she could prepare for the temple.

I sure love this work and I love Armenia. 


Sister Kieffer

P.S. There's this weird thing that happens to me that whenever I get on a marshutni or bus, people just give me things when I talk to them. One day last week, in every single marshutni that I got in, the person next to me or someone else in the marshutni gave me something. This last week I've recieved crackers, candy, a jelly-bracelet thing, a typical armenian-cross necklace, and four ears of corn. That's how they Armenian people are though - they are so giving and just want to give whatever they can. I sure love them.

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