Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oct 13

I know I've piled up a debt of owing you all some stories and letting you know what goes on in everyday life, so I'll let you know what's gone on and then there have been some things that I've been thinking about after listening to General Conference this past weekend. We're so blessed to have prophets of God on this earth to guide us.

This past week Sister Thueson and I went on splits with Sister Morreal and Sister Bowen, which was  great. Sister Morreal came down from Agapniak to Center with me, and Sister Thueson went to Agapniak with Sister Bowen. A quick expereince from that:

Sister Morreal and I went to visit with one of the familes that we're teaching - a part member family that we've been struggling to get to church. We actually hadn't been planning on meeting with them that day - but they had been a back up plan that we had (100 points to having back up plans). Right after we had walked in, said hello, and sat down, the grandma (the member) looked at us and told us "I'm never coming to church again," which is always our favorite way to start a lesson. I won't go into to all of the details about reasons why she felt that way, but it was heartbreaking - especially to see it affect the rest of her family who had just started accepting the gospel. We talked through it with her, and bore testimony of making and renewing covenants with our Savior, and the Spirit was there. And if no one else knows from that meeting, I know that the sacramental ordinance is of eternal importance. It was so hard to watch this woman that we love see her family having the spirit testify to them of the truthfulness of that principle, and then after having the spirit also remind her of that covenant that she has made, turn and say again "I know, buuut (insert any random excuse here)"

Some things I wanted to make sure I sent home after watching Gerenal Conference this weekend:
After hearing prohpet after prohpet remind us of the importance of following God's counsel as it comes through the mouths of his authorized servants (especially within our families), I was (and am) so grateful for a family that has always tried to put that first in our lives. I also know that the little, simple foundational things matter in our lives, and that truly small and simple things make a difference. I love this gospel, I know it's true, and I know that we have a loving Redeemer who knows us perfectly, and through whom we can become more than we can imagine. Serving Him is the biggest blessing we can have in our lives.

Love you all,

Sister Kieffer

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