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Okay, I'm sorry I'm the worst writer. I've gathered some stories and just things I lvoe about Armenian for you. First here's a clip of the miracles we've seen this week:

I've been pretty excited to report on the miracles we've seen this week as we've tried to be more concious of finding in every aspect of our work. This week went out to Sipanik to do service for one of the counselors in our branch presidency. His mother is one of the members who was just baptized in our branch, and she's doing so well. She commented to us this week about how after her baptism, she had felt the Spiriit confirm to her even more that this really is Christ's true church. She said that when she reads the Book of Mormon now - after her baptism and recieving the Holy Ghost - it makes more sense to her and she has really grown to love it. While we were there doing service at her house, she invited one of her neighbors over and we taught her about the restoration, later that week we went back and taught her again, along with her son and husband. They're so wonderful, are really excited about finding out the truth for themselves, and they accepted a baptismal date! 

In the same sort of miraculous way, we met a girl on the streets a couple weeks ago and she was randomly (though I know it wasn't a coincidence) in the internet cafe when we went to fill out another investigator's online baptismal record. We've met with her a couple of times during this week and yesterday she told us that she'd like to have her friend learn about the gospel too. 

It's amazing to see the Spirit working with these people and it has been a real help to try to point that out more to them - point out to them how the spirit has worked with them in their lives and also pointing it out when we feel it while we're with them. I know without a doubt that the Lord is preparing people and we just need to find them and help them reaccquaint themselves with what they already learned in the premortal life. I love these Armenian people, and I'm so thankful to be here serving them. I know this is the greatest cause that we could be working for, and I'm thankful for all the help and guidance we recieve from our Savior along the way. He's gathering His people! 

This week some fun things that happened:
-Earlier this week we got a surprise mini missionary after district meeting on Tuesday - shewas just there and was supposed to go with us even though we hadn't heard about it yet. Butit was so fun, and Sister Thueson ended up splitting with her while I went with another member from our branch, and it was so much fun. The sister I went with is one of the ones who got her mission call to Ukraine - and it was so great to see how excited she was to serve, even though she was a little bit scared at first. It was good for me too to remember how I felt when I first got my mission call. She's in Ukraine this week going through the temple, so it was fun to get herexcited about that too. 

We also got our planned mini missionary yesterday, and she's so awesome! She's been a member for 4 years, and she served one other mini mission with my MTC teacher, Sister Boyle. She's from a city called Hrazdan, and she's going to be the best little missionary. It's been so much fun to speak just in Armenian all the time - I sure do love these people and this language. 

One story from last week when the Ukrainians were still here: We (Sister Summers and I) were headed out to a little village called Sipanik to meet with one of our recent converts. I'm sitting in the front of the taxi, and I'm just kind of chatting with the drive about our church, and when I start to tell him about the Book of Mormon, he loosk down and sees it in my hand and snatches it. I got a little bit worried that he was going to throw it out the open window or something, but instead he tried to start reading it while we're driving down the road, in the middle of Yerevan, on a street that's pretty dang busy. Luckily I got it back pretty fast and we just read a little bit together and talked about it. It ended up being a really cool experience, but I have to admit I was a little bit scared for a minute. 

Also this week I'm giong to Charentsavan - a city a little northeast of Yerevan - to do splits with Sister Baird, which will be super great. 

Also I played my first game of basketball in Armenia this week. There were a bunch of little neighbor kids - who are my best friends nows- outside our apartment playing when we were coming back to grab some food and do training, and I had to stop and play for a few minutes with them. Haha they loved it, and it was so fun. 

One last thing - I love church here. I love that our piano player lady will play "Can you feel the love tonight?" and "Let it be" as prelude music and I love that everyone wants to particpate in lessons. Speaking of which, Sister Thueson and I taught Relief Society this week because lots of people were gone with the temple group, and it was so fun. Armenians sure do love their Savior, and when we taught about baptism this week, it was so awesome to see everyone want to share about how that covenant to follow Christ has blessed their lives. 

WIsh I could tell you how much I love it here. I told our mini missionary today that sometimes I wish I could just stay here forever - and it's true. This is a choice place, and this is the Lord's work. Sure do love you all!

Claire Bear - I have your list of questions and I'll try to answer as many as I can today in an email to you, but some might have to wait until next week. Love you! Tell Catherine to email me! 


Sister Kieffer

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